The Price Difference between iOS and Android App Development

Indigenous Vs Cross-Console Application Creation – Advantages And Disadvantages

According to Google Trends, one of the most popular searches today is “app development cost”. iOS and Android are two of the most popular mobile applications development platforms. Let’s have a look and see how much does it cost to create an app on each of these platforms.

Once you decide to create a mobile app you may choose either DIY approach or custom app development service. DIY is an online app builder where you select features that you want to see in your app and pay monthly fee to receive support and updates for your app. JatApp experts think that it is a good solution for those who don’t want to spend much money, but expect to receive a quality product. However, if you need a more serious approach, you can choose custom app development service. This approach means that you contact the developers of your app directly and discuss all details and features of the product you want to receive. The price for such service is higher, but experts at JatApp believe that such app is worth the money paid.

Android and iOS Application Development Cost

If iOS or Android is the required mobile applications development platform for your business, you should think carefully about your app budget. It is a misconception that high cost is a guarantee of a quality product. You can receive good quality app for low cost and poor quality app for high cost. Things that really have influence on the app quality are the access to resources and the experience of working with the target mobile applications development platforms. The U.S. provider may charge you about 80-150 dollars per hour of one man’s work, UK provider will cost 60-80 pounds and the providers from the Eastern Europe will cost only 25-50 dollars per hour. In the same time, the quality of an app will be the same. So, as you can see, the cost of your app depends a lot on the developers’ location. However, if it is a must for you that your app should be developed in the United States, you should be ready to plan your app budget based on 80-100 dollars per man-hour. If you are not limited by searching developers only within US borders, use the services of foreign providers. It will save you money that you can spend on other functions for your app or on a promotion campaign.

Android vs iOS Cost

The cost of Android and iOS mobile applications development platforms is almost the same, but there are some cheaper features and introduce mobile application development services some are more expensive on each of these platforms.

Basic features for both platforms do not differ in price. This package of features includes:

– email login for 1500 dollars

– user profiles for 6000 dollars

– custom app icon design for 500 dollars

– sync data across devices for 6000 dollars

– stock/template-based interface for 5000 dollars

The cost for advanced package of features for iOS app differs from the price for Android ones. In general, the majority of services will have the same price and only few of them will cost 500-1000 dollars more. You will need to pay more only for custom user interface, in-app payments, shopping cart, dashboard and messaging.

Cost for some app admin features is also higher for iOS mobile applications development platform than for Android. You will have to pay 1000 dollars more for a CMS feature and 2,500 dollars more for a user administration feature.


According to rough estimated project costs, you’ll pay the equal sum of money for the basic package of features both for Android and iOS platforms. The advanced app for iOS will cost you 62,000 dollars and 59,000 dollars for Android. The complex app may cost you 176,000 dollars for an iOS app and 166,000 dollars for an Android app.

As you can see, the price difference between iOS and Android app development is obvious. The advanced features for iOS cost more, while the price of basic features is the same.

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The Price Difference between iOS and Android App Development Indigenous Vs Cross-Console Application Creation – Advantages And Disadvantages According to Google Trends, one of the most […]
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